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It’s a neat concept, one that I like and use on my laptop all the time. I am a little paranoid when it comes to privacy and security. Blame it on all the hacking news that I keep reading these days. The options for screen rotation are different in Intel, NVIDIA and AMD graphics drivers.

After completing the steps, restart your device and try to change the screen orientation to see if it works. After completing the steps, try to change the orientation of the device to see if auto-rotation works. Change the orientation of the device to see if it rotates automatically. If you don’t see this tile, your device probably doesn’t support automatic screen rotation.

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  • Again, if the change doesn’t take effect, restart File Explorer.
  • The change should take effect right away but if it doesn’t, restart File Explorer and it should work.
  • You can delete the DWORD value that you added, or you can set its value to 0.
  • To open Group Policy, you need to type “group policy” into the search box then run “Edit Group Policy” in the result.
  • Once you’ve made the change, the Action Center will only open and close when you click the button in the system tray.

It couldn’t get much simpler than this – if you are using a device with a keyboard attached, you can simply use the WIN + O to toggle Auto-Rotation on or off. Obviously this isn’t going to work on a tablet unless you have a keyboard attached, and we’re not certain it works on all devices. The auto-lock feature is pretty decent, and depending on your working environment, it can be very useful. Still, if you do want to turn off auto-lock, there are ways to do it.

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It’s also possible that in customizing the Action Center, you removed that tile and need to add it back. Click or tap the “Rotation Lock” tile at the bottom of the Action Center pane to enable Rotation Lock. This prevents your screen from automatically rotating and locks your screen in its current orientation. Automatic screen rotation is only available on devices with a built-in accelerometer. Windows uses this hardware component to determine the screen’s current physical orientation. By default rotation will be disabled on Windows 10 devices, this is a bit strange if you are using a tablet device. By default, windows will be automatically arranged when they are moved to the edge of the dll file screen in Windows 10 computer.

If the settings are not working for you, try the registry editor and group policy editor trick. Depending on the timer you have set, it will turn off the screen and lock the computer. The only way to unlock it to enter the set password or pin.

To turn off or on automatic window arrangement, you can use the following two methods. I have a large number of tablets in use and am trying to disable Screen Rotation across the whole fleet of them. I haven’t been able to identify any way to lock the screen via GPO but was hoping that someone here would be able to help me out. Now you know how to fix the error if you see rotation lock greyed out on your device. Comment below if you found this useful, and to discuss further the same. Once you restart your computer, you will notice that the rotation lock for Windows 10 is not greyed out anymore.

Alternatively you could disable it using the registry. To do so, press the Win + R keyboard combination to open a run box, then type regedit and hit enter.

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